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Zhejiang Mingxu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Mingxu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiashan Mingxu Precision Machinery Factory, was founded in 2011. The company is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Development Demonstration Zone, with location and convenient transportation. With more than ten years of manufacturing and R&D experience, the company has been deeply involved in the development and production of solid lubricating bearings, skateboards, slideways, and sliders. ODM Suppliers and Company of DU Oilless Bearing SF-1 Bushing High-Temperature Resistance in China. The product manufacturing adopts modern automation equipment, strictly implements the ISO2000 quality management system standard, and the main processes are processed by high-precision CNC machines. The company's main products cover a series of products such as JDB solid inlaid self-lubricating bearings, steel-copper sintered bearings, SF-1 self-lubricating bearings, SF-2 boundary self-lubricating bearings, and FB090 copper bearings. Widely used in automobile industry, construction machinery, metallurgical equipment, mining machinery, injection molding, mold, textile, printing and many other machinery manufacturing fields; Till now, the company's products have spread all over China and exported to many foreign countries, and are deeply recognized and loved by domestic and foreign customers.

Mingxu Machinery adheres to the service tenet of "quality-oriented high-quality service", and strive to provide customers with professional products and services. Supply Wholesale MXB-DU Oilless Bearing SF-1 Bushing High-Temperature Resistance. The company will continue to introduce talents, improve the management mechanism, integrity, development, innovation, and strive to build a world-class brand.

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Product knowledge

What testing methods are used to assess the high-temperature performance and reliability of the Oilless Bearing SF-1 Bushing High-Temperature Resistance?

High-Temperature Endurance Testing: This entails subjecting the SF-1 Bushing to non-stop or cyclic high-temperature situations for an extended period to assess its performance below sustained thermal strain.
Thermal Cycling Tests: These tests simulate the temperature fluctuations that the bearing may also enjoy throughout real operation. The bushing is subjected to repeated cycles of heating and cooling to assess its potential to resist thermal shocks.
Friction and Wear Testing at Elevated Temperatures: This includes measuring the coefficient of friction and put on prices of the SF-1 Bushing under high-temperature situations. 
Material Analysis: Chemical and metallurgical analyses are carried out to assess the integrity of the substances used inside the bushing after publicity to excessive temperatures. 
Thermal Expansion Testing: This evaluates the dimensional balance of the Oilless Bearing SF-1 Bushing at exclusive temperatures. The coefficient of thermal enlargement is an crucial element to remember, specifically in programs with varying temperature conditions.
Lubrication Performance Tests: Assess the effectiveness of lubrication in high-temperature environments. This can also encompass comparing the overall performance of stable lubricants or unique high-temperature lubricants designed for the SF-1 Bushing.
Load and Wear Testing: High-temperature load assessments measure the bearing's ability to hold hundreds at elevated temperatures with out immoderate put on. This is crucial for applications in which the bearing is subjected to both excessive temperatures and heavy masses.
Vibration and Shock Testing: Evaluates the SF-1 Bushing's response to vibrations and shocks beneath high-temperature conditions, ensuring its balance and reliability in dynamic operating environments.